League of Hardcore Gamers

I had never played League of Legends before, but it is an example of a game that falls directly in the agon category and is meant only for hardcore gamers. In my limited time playing, it was obvious that the only way to become successful is through more time spent playing. The game is based around a five versus five mode, where the teams must work together to destroy the enemy team’s turrets and reach the middle of their base. The large array of characters is appealing at first, but it became too difficult to understand all of their moves. The punishment in this game is minimal, losing does nothing except frustrate you and your teammates. The interruptibility of this game was very low. Any time spent away during a game is a huge setback, and there were a lot of games that lasted close to an hour. The graphics in-game were very appealing and interesting. Each character had its own set of moves that included specific animations and was very entertaining. Some moves were point and click while others were more difficult “skill-shots” that were harder to land. It is easy to understand how someone who is good at League of Legends could become very addicted. Some players became so powerful in game it was impossible to kill them and you were left waiting for the game to end so you could start a new one. The designers did a great job of providing lots of incentives for leveling up and earning the in-game currency. You could choose to unlock new characters, items, or skins that really added to the game’s already competitive playstyle. Audio did not appear to play a huge role in this game, however the unique fictional characters all had their own distinguishable sounds. This is a perfect example of a hardcore game because of the amount of skill required to understand when to attack and when to sit back. I felt in-over my head most of my time playing the game, and only practice would fix that. The most appealing part of League of Legends is that it is completely free to download. Players can choose to spend money in game, however it does not appear to give them any significant advantage in-game. The game had simple controls, however the complexity of buying items and moving around the map made it very difficult to pick up quickly. This game is only for players looking to challenge themselves against other hardcore gamers.

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