Cars and Guns and Bank Heists, Oh my!

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a great example of a hardcore game. The storyline starts immediately, thrusting the player into an intense bank heist. This type of negative plot is especially appealing to hardcore gamers. You earn money by killing people, escaping the cops, robbing stores, etc. To become competitive in the online portion of the game, you have to put a lot of time into leveling up and buying gear. One unusual part of this hardcore game is the interruptibility, which is very high. You can pause the game at any point and come back to it later. There isn’t any real punishment in the game, when you die you lose a small portion of your money and respawn in the middle of the map. Sound plays a large role in GTA 5, with a large variety of music available through any vehicle’s radio. It is up to the player to choose what music they want to listen to, which appeals to a lot of people. It is evident how much time the game designers put into the games audio. Every car, motorcycle, plane, bike has its own unique and identifiable sound. The most appealing part of the game is its storyline, which gives you the chance to follow three different characters along three extremely different paths. You can play only with one main character or all three, and gives the player a lot of freedom while the game designers still have control over the deep narrative. One negative aspect of GTA is the confusing controls, and it doesn’t do a very good job of explaining them either. The button layout doesn’t follow any other stereotypical console game, making it difficult to figure out and get accustomed to them. GTA 5 would fall under the category of Agon, since it is a competitive hardcore game that is necessary for the user to be skilled at driving, shooting, and navigating the map. Not many games can claim to have better graphics than GTA 5, which provides an accurate, real world space in Los Angeles, California. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very successful franchise because of its immersive gameplay. Hardcore gamers enjoy all of the possibilities that come with ranking up and completing challenges, while casual gamers can enjoy cruising through the streets in a number of vehicles. I would say that GTA 5 doesn’t fit my playstyle because I consider myself a more casual gamer, however my time playing was still very enjoyable because of the variety of mini games and tasks offered in game.

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